Equine Testimonials


I contacted Robin to ask if she thought the EOC would help my yearling that was having growth issues in her hind ankles . Robin said ABSOLUTELY!!! So I thought I would give it a try . My Yearling have swollen ankle joints and was very painful and joints were very warm. I had the ankles X-rayed ti make sure everything was ok in there and X-rays came back clean.  I started with 3 pumps twice a day for 10 days then went down to once a day . The change in 10 days was UNBELIEVABLE!! Swelling started to come down and she was a lot more comfortable. After 30 days I had  a normal yearling!! Swelling gone , way more playful in the paddock and her overall health just seemed better!! This truly is “Magic Oil” any horses I get in the future will definitely be put on EOC ! 


Before I started EOC . You can see how swollen the ankle are



Equine Omega Complete has been a staple in our feeding program for many years. Our broodmares, youngsters, breeding stallion, and our seniors all thrive with the multiple benefits of this amazing product.  Some of the specific improvements in my herd are: improved fertility in our broodmares and stallion, joint support in all ages from our developing juniors right up to our retirees, as well as reducing inflammation in those who suffer from respiratory issues from seasonal allergies. Feeding multiple supplements can get messy and very expensive. I love that EOC is an all in one source with the added benefit of vitamin E. It’s so convenient and easy to manage.

Our Hanoverian stallion, Sir Vari (Sir Wanabi x Bon Balou), has been on EOC since he was a foal and has benefited tremendously over the years at all stages of his life. I get multiple messages per month asking what supplements I feed him. I always reply, “Just one. Equine Omega Complete!”
Every horse in any stage of development will benefit from EOC.
EOC is easy to feed and our horses all lick the bowls clean. They love it!

Sheri Whittaker
Owner / Operator of Fox Hill Farm
New Dundee, Ontario, Canada



 "Four years ago our quarter horse gelding, developed Pemphigus. With outstanding care from the veterinary/farrier team and great daily care including supplementation with Equine Omega Complete he has remained healthy and recently celebrated his 29th birthday . EOC has also helped with his arthritis and respiratory issues."

- A Happy Customer  


My 14 year old Trakehner mare, Tequila (“Tiki”) has benefited extensively from the addition of Equine Omega Complete (EOC) - (administered as recommended on bottle), and was not given with any other supplements or medications. 

Tiki had minor ulcers which were identified during a scope exam, and she was high strung, irritable, and inconsistent in her behaviour under saddle. 

Adding EOC (only) to her grain resulted in an improvement of ulcers, as well as significant improvement to her apparent comfort. The frequency of coughing at the beginning of exercise was reduced noticeably, she appeared happier and more friendly, her coat grew in with a healthier shiny appearance, and overall her mood and disposition seemed to improve. I am very thankful for this product and will continue to have my horses on it long term. 


Erica Cellucci, B.Sc. Medical Physics 



I had been reluctant to try EOC for my horse as most of what I heard supporting it was anecdotal and my vet never recommended it. I have a 22 year old retired Hanoverian dressage horse that is 22 years old and 17.2 hh. He has no cartilage in his left front coffin joint. I saw a report of a study done by U of G on EOC about five months ago and thought what can I lose? He has been very lame for two years. Started EOC and he was now licking his breakfast feed bowl clean. He would always leave some of his breakfast and now he is eating it all. I didn't see any other improvement and in fact I was concerned as I could no longer pick up his front right foot to pick as he would not put weight on the front left. He was tripping/almost falling when walked. Increased his dose of EOC to six pumps. Within two weeks no more tripping and he started letting me pick up his front right foot to pick now he is offering me his foot. The farrier can now trim all four feet whereas she was unable to trim the one foot before. All very encouraging signs and I can't believe the improvement in his comfort level. He will never be sound but I do want him comfortable and he is now thanks to EOC.

- A Happy Customer 

I was fortunate to be offered the chance to try Equine Omega Complete on my 27 year old Standardbred gelding.  He has some arthritis and seemed to be feeling his age. I am so pleased with the results I have seen after only 1 month of using this product. Two weeks into using EOC  his coat was noticeably shinier.  (My husband even noticed and he never notices anything to do with my horses lol) A month into using EOC his coat is even shinier, softer and his bay color seems richer / darker.  His mane is shinier and softer also. He seems happier and his mobility seems to be somewhat better too. I highly recommend this product and plan to keep him on it.  Can't wait to see what another month will do for my boy.  I  also plan to put my 6 year old QH mare on it and see what results happen with her. Thank you Equine Omega Complete and Robin Williamson


- Trudy Aird-Wentzel


WKM CC owned by Virginia Thompson and trained by Scott Mckay has been on EOC for just over 2 months
now, and we are so excited about this product! CC has developed a better top line, while maintaining above average gut health. OEC has been a welcome change to CC's overall well being. I would recommend this product to any horse owner seeking to enhance their horse's daily health care routine. From performance athletes, to retired superstars, I believe EOC can be beneficial for all horses. 

- Scott Mckay


Cody girl exactly FIVE weeks ago! First of all, I feed this little lady as much as a mid-life elephant but she is such a sensitive keeper. Especially and even so when pregnant. With a couple environmental chances & of course the weather turning into “summer” I have to also credit @southernequinedistributing @o3animalhealth I am absolutely soon onto my next jun of EOC and I can’t wait to see her continue to improve. If you guys are interested in reading the testimonials about these products and professional reviews, you can visit www.southernequinedistributing.com and use the code “podcast21” for 15% off of your order. Robin was also on the podcast to talk about the products in a previous episode - follow the link in my bio to listen.
- Jess from Springen Equestrian

Dubai is a 17.2 hh 6/o thoroughbred gelding. For well over a year he has been dealing with chronic mud-fever, and is very sensitive to scrubbing and messing with it. We started him on Equine Omega Complete at the end of April 2021, in the high of mud season. Other than getting the thick mud off of his legs I did not pick, scrub or medicate his legs for the last 4 weeks. The first picture is day 1 on EOC, second picture is from week 3, and third picture is from after one month on EOC daily. These legs have not been scrubbed, just brushed, and the mud-fever is nearly gone from the inside out. He has fresh pink skin growing and there is no inflammation surrounding the site on any of his legs. His weight is fantastic as well. When I bough Dubai I was told he was a picky eater. He literally licks his flat feeder clean now! Equine Omega Complete is a great product for overall health! 
I can't believe the changes in only one month! I didn't believe this oil would help clear up my mares mud fever but as you can see it's helped a lot in a short period of time. I'm pleasantly surprised! This helped when ointment hadn't. Thanks Robin!
- A Happy Customer
After my mare had her foal she had difficulties maintaining her weight, specifically on her top line. I had tried so many different grains and feed programs but was at a loss, both economically and with our results. I made the decision to try Equine Omega Complete. I had heard a lot of great reviews on it and felt this was a great opportunity to see that this product can do. I can, without a doubt, say within 3 months my mare was back looking better than she had before. This stuff is magic!! Not only is it a great option economically, it keeps things simple and you get the desired results. What more can you ask for in a product?! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
~Sara Da Silva
I have had my horse on your product for about five months and in that time he has grown a lovely healthy coat and helped him gain weight and also has prevented him from injuring himself. Just want to thank you for this wonderful product and the health of my boy!! 
 Grace Kent
Lately I saw that my older gelding was suffering with some real stiffness issues  arthritis and muscle issues he was having tuff time trotting across the field . And he was picking at his feed like he didn’t want to eat. My friend had told me about a product called Equine Omega Complete so I purchased some. WOW I got some of this amazing results,  what a difference. With just one jug he is looking amazing, eating all his feed and trotting through the field chasing his girls around ! What an amazing product EOC is ! Thanks to EOC his senior years will be much easier on him !
~A Happy Customer
Equine Omega Mega Testimonial
“We’ve only been using Equine Omega Complete for a short period of time and are already able to see the benefits in the physical condition of our horses. Not only are they looking good, they are continuing to stay focused and quiet.”
~ Jason Vanlandingham
Jason Vanlandingham Reining Horses
EMO Testimonial
“I am a Independent Sales Representative for Equine Omega Complete, not because I wanted to gain anything financially, but because their products truly WORK! I have every horse in my barn on it, from retired TB’s to broodmares to my young horses. Their coat condition has improved, and my ulcer prone horse is looking and feeling better than ever. I am now feeding LESS feed and have even eliminated rice bran as a weight gain supplement, which I have been using for years. I’m actually saving money by using it! Here are a few photos of Bandelero JSF at the 70 Day Stallion Test. He was on Equine Omega Complete for the entire test!”
~Kimmy Risser
Kimmy Risser Photography

 “If you’re looking for a great Supplement that your horses will thrive on, Check out Equine Omega Complete! I have never been a big believer or consumer of Equine Supplements until I decided to give EOC a try. Since then, I’ve seen a huge improvement in every horse I have put on it. I wanted a overall Comprehensive supplement for Full Medal Jacket to help aid him in everything from Joint Support to Weight Management to haircoat. I also wanted a supplement help him during his busy breeding seasons. I have to say I’ve found that supplement in EOC and FMJ will be on it for life!!”

~Robin Baker
Robin Baker Show Horses



I purchased Fish (Super Sweet Herman) in April and with him being a young off the track quarter horse he was skinny and under muscled when I got him. After introducing him to a new feed plan and consistent exercise his condition definitely improved but I still wasn't 100% happy with the way he was looking.

After being on EOC for 1 month he is finally beginning to cover up his ribs and pack on muscle the way I want him too. Not to mention his attitude on the ground has changed for the better and his coat is always soft and shiny. Overall he is calmer to handle, has "cool energy" when it's time to work, and he looks amazing.

I was hesitant to try EOC, especially with being on a student budget and not having luck with other supplements, but results don't lie and I'll definitely be keeping EOC in his daily diet.

~Alana Pickrell



My name is David Mac Donald and a competitor in Endurance Racing, Competitive Trail Riding, Ride n Tie, Set Speed and this year Limited Distance Events.  I compete with a now 15 year old pure bred Egyptian Arabian  gelding with very good success  and a number of top finishes!


However, we had been plagued for some years with severe Mud Fever/Scratches which limited the number of events we could compete in mainly at the beginning of the season. Kharringtonn (aka Gringo) is now in his third spring with absolutely no mud fever/scratches what so ever and we unequivocally equate this to the EOC (Equine Omega Complete) product that he has been on! I wanted to give it a couple of seasons to ensure that we could equate the EOC to resolving the issue.  Now I can also comment on his fantastic coat and most of all his improved concentration which has been amazing since on EOC. Thank you Robin and happy to chat with any potential users or doubters of your product at any time!

~David Mac Donald


After using Omega supplements for my own health with great results I was excited to find a quality product to use on my horses. Joint health, gut health and a shiny coat are just some of the added benefits I have experienced while adding Equine Omega Complete to my horses diet. After using it on five or six select horses for a period of six months, I am putting all 50 horses in my barn on it. It's that good. Don't be fooled, quality is the key to results when using omega products.

~Hope Glynn


 I am not a big believer in supplements! 2013 my wife brought me some Equine Omega Complete to try! Didn't really care to feed it but I started my horse on it. We had used so many other products that had done nothing and I never saw any change or benefits, so never even looked for anything. About one week later I noticed my horses were really looking sunny.   Hmmm? Could this be the oil? Week after week I started noticing changes in my horses; didn't think there was much to change but their attitudes became even better than before! Their strides were opening up and WOW! they were wanting to work! I have now been using it for three years and I must say, this is the only product that I have used where I have actually seen noticeable changes in my horses. What a great product!  My current horses will stay on EOC. And any of the horses that we have for training or purchase all go on EOC!

~Glenn Pattison


Dreamer is 22 year old Quarter horse that I had as a 2 year old ran him as a futurity horse.  I sold him to to a lady that use to work for me, she had fallen in love with him! Over the last 12 years dreamer  has been living the life on a 10 Acre farm that they bought. He has been so spoiled but he did have 2 issues: He had chronic mud fever (scratches) and he was a Cribber. He also had a very sensitive gut. So about 4 years ago she started giving him EOC . The Mud Fever got less and less and his stomach started to improve! His cribbing stopped, But still he would get little bouts of Mud Fever. Very little, but still there. So about 1 year ago dreamer moved back to Southern Steele Quarter Horse Farm. We started feeding him a full dosage of EOC and no more Mud Fever! Now he is Mud Fever free, no stomach issues, and still no more cribbing!  How awesome is this?! Here are some pictures of Dreamer as well as close up pics of his pasterns and how much scaring was done due to the  severity of the mud fever. All the white hairs that have grown in is where the Mud Fever had scarred!

~ Heather Ross


After using Equine Omega Complete and Equine Mega Gain for over a year now, we can't begin to express how amazing our horses look, feel, behave and compete. We strive to give our horses the best nutrition and keep their stomach, foregut and hindgut happy... especially while showing. Our stallion, Jus d'O had a very successful and long year showing (finishing 2015 as the USEF National Grand Green Hunter Champion) and I know that Equine Omega Complete helped keep him healthy and happy! I believe that a lot of credit goes to these fabulous products!

~Brandon and Jocelyn Gibson



This is my horse Brûlée ( Jessie Got The Gun). He’s is a 6 year old Quarter Horse Paint. I bought him in April and started feeding him Equine Omega Complete. He just SHINES now! There are dapples in his coat brought out by your product. He looks so good people ask me what I feed him! The pictures do not do him justice.

~ Lesley Elchuck


 Chance is a 12 yr old buckskin quarter horse that I’ve owned since he was 3. During heavy rains/change of seasons, Chance was often prone to bouts of mud fever that would pop up seemingly overnight. Over the years, I’ve applied topicals from tack stores (creams; powders; spray ons etc. – including a very expensive cream shipped from the UK) along with numerous homemade concoctions made from zinc based products combined with antifungals. They all had zero effect preventing the problem & after a long period of time, were only mildly effective as a treatment while leaving a “gooey mess” all over his ankles. Knowing the above & after many recommendations, I put him on a daily regime of EOC added to his feed. Chance has been on Equine Omega Complete for 2 years now and I am delighted to say - without any repeat of those dreaded muddy scabs. Though I am particularly “religious” when it comes to keeping his legs as clean/dry as possible when exposed to mud, I believe that supplementing with EOC is the primary reason his immune system can fight off this frustrating condition. A wonderful side effect of using EOC daily – dapples galore!

  ~Wendy Higginson 


This is a picture of a Ratchet, 16 year old horse, a retired jumper who had a hard time keeping weight on and would colic every 8 weeks.  He had horrible stomach issues.  I started him on Equine Omega Complete because I had tried other products but nothing worked.  To my surprise he has put on amazing weight and muscle.  He dapples all the time and holds weight all year.  His hooves have no more issues and he is happy and healthy. Thanks EOC, my horse has not had any colic issues since we started him on it, I can't say enough about this great product!

~Jamie Berry



“We started using Equine Omega Complete on all our competition horses right after we traveled back from Europe last summer. Traveling with our horses back and forth each summer is always a challenge, and maintaining their good health and condition a concern. These top competition horses are exposed to stress and big changes, and we still need them in best condition to perform at their highest level. This year, while use the Equine Omega Complete supplement, we saw a faster and better recovery after our show tour without a doubt.

Providing our horses with a strong immune system and a well-balanced product, as Equine Omega Complete is, has helped them feel better, recover any weight loss faster, and their hair coats are beautifully shinny. In addition, we were able to keep the horses in great condition even during their resting time after the show season. It feels so good to know that we are providing our horses the good stuff that they deserve! Thank you O3 Animal Health for making such an outstanding product. All our competition horses are now on Equine Omega Complete!"

~Juan Matute Guimon



Rosamunde is a 17y/o Hanoverian Mare. She has been on Equine Omega Complete for 6 months.  Seasonal skin issues are fixed and overall coat condition is now amazing !! She is also gaining weight and enjoying her meals - hard to believe it could make a super picky chestnut mare enjoy eating !! Love this product and have recommended it to many people.

~Julie Barrett


Batman and Dori had been on Equine Omega Complete for 6 months, then I took them off, don’t really know why. After short time, 2 weeks of riding  I just about took horses to vet, they had become dull and lethargic. Dori was not happy to be saddled. Then, where I get my feed, she asked me what I was doing different? That is when it dawned on me that I taken them off EOC!  I put them back on.  Everything is back to normal. I will continue to feed Equine Omega Complete. They feel better now and no vet bill!

 ~Lauren Mcarthur



I have been using EOC on my 3 horses for years now and I have completely taken them off of all other supplements!  The results I have seen are nothing short of AMAZING!!!  Incredibly healthy, super shiny coats, great feet even in this nasty dry summer we are having.  I constantly receive compliments on how wonderful my horses look. Let me tell you; they feel even better than they look!!!  THANK YOU EOC!!!!

~Lisa Denyer


"I would like to say how pleased I am with the changes I have seen in Boss since I started adding  the Equine Omega Complete supplement to his feed in June, 2016. It all started with my search for a product that would improve hoof growth.  During the course of my online research to compare what seemed like endless product claims, ingredients and customer reviews I discovered Equine Omega Complete.   In the past three months, I have seen the hoped-for result of healthier hoof growth but that is only the beginning. Boss has gained weight, his coat is now super-shiny, his mane seemed to grow almost overnight and he appears to be happier and more energetic.  The transformation has been truly amazing and I take pride in knowing that I am using a superior supplement that makes Boss look and feel great. I would also like to thank Robin, Southern Equine Distributing, for her customer service which has been second to none from the very beginning."

-Lynn Gilmore 



The initial signs I noticed something was off was he was very lethargic and weak. He also had a dullness in his eyes. Which despite his age (25 at the time ) he has always been spunky. Then I noticed him loosing weight. Especially through his top line. He also had a very dull coat. Prior to calling the vet we made some adjustments to his feed and upping his intake. There wasn't much noticeable difference. I called the vet who suggested the blood work. While she was there he went to pee in the aisle in the cross ties. Something he has done for years but she said that could be a sign of kidney issues. She also noticed a lot of calcium on his canine teeth. He also suffered from an old hind injury which was a fractured tibia and stifle tear. He was noticeably weaker and more lame in this area then I had seen him before.  Along with the other issues I described to her she thought the blood test would pin-point the problem. She suggested a change in diet with Low protein Low starch, Low calcium. She also suggested an Omega product would be helpful. Right away we started him on Equine Omega Complete and the minor changes to his diet, which were not much different than what he was already getting. Within a few days I noticed him more alert and bright eyed. Following that more energy and coat starting to improve. Within a month he was back to his old spunky self. His coat looked amazing and shiny too. He put weigh back on and all in the right places across his top line and hind end. About 6 months later the vet came back to check his renal levels. She was happy to report all his levels were back to normal. His hind end weakness and lameness was also no longer noticeable. Also all the cracking in his joints disappeared. Since being on Omega he is healthier than ever. We did one more blood check again in the last few months and everything remains at normal levels. 

- A happy Customer


Pratiquant la couse de barils depuis mon jeune âge, j’ai trouvé en Crazy Choice la jument qui répond le plus à mes attentes et à ma personnalité. Propriétaire de  ma monture depuis bientôt un an, nous sommes devenu complice et un duo confiant. Notre première saison de compétitions fut promettante. Nous pratiquons la course de barils dans plusieurs rodéos du Québec. Ma jument est ma fierté, ma priorité et elle sait me le rendre. Je lui apporte tous les soins qu’un cheval de compétition a besoin. Omega Complete aide à la concentration et au mentale de Crazy ainsi qu’à ses articulations. Un cheval plus « zen » répond mieux au travail et aux commandements. Il aide à son apparence en lui donnant un plus beau poil. C’est un produit que je recommande.

~Michael Jean



In the fall of 2014 we put 6 horses on Equine Omega Complete.  The results were so outstanding we put all 45 horses on this product.  Throughout the year we have used Equine Omega Complete, and have had great results in keeping our horses happy and healthy. Assisting with issues such as; anxiety, joint and muscle inflammation, Lactic Acid build up, hind gut issues/digestion, as well as feet and weight issues. We believe EOC has played a big part of our successful 2015 season. By using EOC, we have been able to cut back on other supplements, saving us money an time. Big thanks to Southern Equine Distributing for keeping us stocked up with this amazing product. We will continue to use EOC and will see you in spring 2016.

~Roger Attfield Racing




Once Eddie was in full-time work, we knew he needed more from his feeding program and that's when Eddie began receiving Equine Omega Complete in April 2016. In 2 months Eddie was feeling so much better. We noticed a drastic improvement in his temperament, appetite, hoof issues began to appear to be on the mend, weight gain and he had the shiniest coat on the farm.  Eddie's muscle tone was developing beautifully as well, with regular work to prepare for the Thoroughbred Makeover & National Symposium 2016. We feed Equine Omega Compete as an added supplement to Eddies daily feeding of non molasses soaked beet pulp. Thank you Southern Equine Distributing for delivering this excellent product to a local feed store near us. We purchase Equine Omega Complete from Burgess - O'Flynn Tack & Variety in Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Careless Cousin is a 2012 dark bay Thoroughbred gelding sired by Where's the Ring who was not fast enough to be a racehorse. Careless Cousin aka Eddie was adopted by Chloe Duffy from LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society in Toronto Ontario on Dec 31, 2015.  The foster farm was wonderful and allowed Eddie the downtime needed after his last race on Oct 2015 in Fort Eire.

- A Happy Customer