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Equine Mega Sweat®

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Equine Mega Sweat® is a specially formulated version of Equine Omega Complete® that may aid in treating anhidrosis, a disorder that prevents sweating in horses. Most horses suffering from anhidrosis will begin to sweat 24-48 hours after being placed on Equine Mega Sweat®.

Clinical signs of anhydrosis may include: panting heavily, very little or no sweat, elevated pulse and a higher than average body temperature, a flaky coat and/or coat loss, and distressed or lethargic behaviour after exercise. 

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This product does not ship to the United States. USA customers please order here.

Guaranteed Analysis

Feeding Instructions

Shake the product before each use. One pump provides one fl oz.

Dosing: 2 oz. per 300 lbs body weight twice daily.

At the suggested dosage, you will go through one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat® in two weeks. After that, horses should move to the Equine Omega Complete® product.

The product may be administered once per day or divided into multiple servings.

Recommended use within one year.

Equine Mega Sweat®

The benefits of Equine Omega® products

Horses cannot produce essential fatty acids on their own, so they must be provided through their diet.  Fatty acids give horses numerous benefits by supporting their joint, gut, skin, muscle, and reproductive health. Equine Omega Complete® is an all-in-one supplement with proven preventative attributes in several areas of horse health.