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HycoFlex™ for Horses

HycoFlex™ for Horses

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HycoFlex™ is designed for the active horse during all stages of their life, from training to competition to retirement. Made with human-grade ingredients of the highest quality, its bioavailability is unmatched by animal-grade supplements used in other equine products. Few other products have the collagen mixture, which provides joint support and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Riders using HycoFlex™ regularly report an increased willingness by their horse to better use their bodies, with more forward movement and overall fluidity. 

This supplement promotes and supports:
  • The musculoskeletal system of horses,
  • The health of joints and muscle tissue,
  • Post-surgery healing,
  • The health of older horses,
  • The health of horses in training,
  • Reduction of inflammation

Approved by Health Canada #NNQ8D7

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