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Impact Gel Contour Felt Pad

Impact Gel Contour Felt Pad

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Contour Classic saddle pad is the original Impact gel saddle pad. The technology and fit of this pad have made it a first choice for riders for fifteen years.

The gel bladder is shaped and placed strategically to fit the placement of the saddle. The unique wool blend allows air between the pad and the horse, improving circulation. These features provide a flexible energy-absorbing fit, resulting in high-performance, non-slip, non-rollover protection for you and your horse, while heavy-duty wear leathers ensure years of durability.

  • Most popular and versatile saddle pad
  • Fits round or square-backed saddles
  • Cutout at the withers to provide a free range of motion
  • Cut away at the billet to allow a perfect fit for rigging
  • Crafted with a contour cut along the spine for maximum fit
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